Savior v2

This is a major update for the “Auto-Save Game” system I’ve been maintaining up on Unreal Marketplace for last couple years.

Focused on performance and data reach, I’ve totally scrapped original code and wrote this version from scratch, implementing a fully custom serialization engine that made possible for me to achieve the goal of moving away from the built-in ‘FArchive‘ system and it’s ‘ << ‘ operator constraints. The reasons why I moved away from the internal FArchive operator are many, so I won’t go too much into details about this… Instead, let me throw at screen the new ‘features‘ for you:

  • Savior 2 is tens of times faster than Savior 1.x releases.
  • Multi-Threaded Save & Load capabilities, no freezes or hiccups.
  • Save all data from outside your Game’s main thread, even Actor References.
  • Save any class. Any UObject is now supported, not just Actors or Components.
  • Versioning. Your Game will be capable of loading from old ‘*.SAV’ files after patches.
  • Encryption. All data goes through a lightweight, fast, multi-platform compatible encryption pass.
  • Optimized: Savior 2 is designed to predict and avoid crashes at all costs, no matter how complex Levels are.
  • Optimized: NO Components needed to be attached anywhere thus no memory eaten for the sake of storing data.
  • Optimized: NO destructive workflow. Existing Actors aren’t destroyed/replaced, keeping references alive and safe.
  • Optimized: NO containers created when saving game data thus no big chunks of memory garbage generated.
  • Optimized: Savior 2 Slots are UObjects, not Actor nor Component, avoiding large resource allocations.
  • Automatic Level Transitions on Load from Slot.
  • Threaded Save & Load the whole Game World or individual Actors.
  • Threaded Save & Load Game Mode in real-time, independent of Level.
  • Threaded Save & Load Streamed Levels without pausing the Gameplay.
  • Threaded Save & Load all Properties marked ‘Save Game’, no C++ required.
  • Threaded Save & Load any Dynamically-Created Classes of Actors and Components spawned in Runtime.
  • Threaded Save & Load Actor’s Scale, Location and Rotation, Linear and Angular Velocity automatically.
  • Threaded Save & Load Actor’s Visibility state, Collectibles’ or Particle Systems’ state automatically.
  • Optional Built-in HUD Class with auto generated Load-Screens with Blur, Splash-Screens or Videos.
  • Optional Built-in Progress Bar System with auto generated UI Elements for your Loadscreens.
  • Optional Built-in Slot Widgets with auto generated UI Slot Elements for your HUD Menus.
  • Optional Built-in support for Slot UI Thumbnails and UI/UX Decorators.


You can know more about this tool here: