UE4 Male Basemesh (Modeling)

I was in need for a low-poly (real low) human male basemesh modeled with decent line loops for sculpting and prototyping some concepts inside Unreal Engine… Strangely, even though Unreal Engine’s community is a big one, I couldn’t find any resembling an actual human nor one below 50.000 polygons.

I mean, it’s nice to have all muscular volumes detailed everywhere, but for a naked skin character where clothing and accessories are later added upon, that many polygons is just too much for non cinematic character models.

Because of that, I took some time this last weekend to model and UV map a decent male basemesh accurately scaled and fitting EpicGames’ Mannequin Skeleton… And now I’m sharing with you, do whatever you want with it, sculpt your characters, rig, animate, etc*

* If you make models with this to sell on Marketplace, I see no problem at all with that, but I don’t know if Unreal Marketplace policies will allow you to do that.

Anyway, this mesh is:

  • 5.000 vertices.
  • 10.000 triangles.
  • Has Eyes + Mouth cavities.
  • UV Mapped, ready for sculpting.
  • Fits Unreal Mannequin’s Skeleton for Rigging.

Can be downloaded here:

May be useful to someone out there, cheers!